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Mandigo Brandi

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Medium: Photography
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Brandi Mandigo

Brandi Mandigo is a full-time family photographer located in Lake County, IL. She has always been a bit of a dreamer with a desire for adventure. She has a love for nature and all things wild and free. While photography was not always a dream of hers, at least in a professional sense, she has always instinctively captured the moments in which she saw beauty, be they in travel, historical architecture, natural landscapes, or the silly antics of her three children. Her spark truly ignited when her husband surprised her with her first DSLR - that Nikon quickly became her fourth child, opening a window into a world she didn’t yet know was hers. She became a voracious learner, and photography is her feast. 

Under the guidance and mentorship of Elena S. Blair and Stormy Solis, she left her career in property management to solely focus on capturing authentic emotion between each family that comes before her lens, telling their stories in unique ways. Her work has been featured alongside some of the most talented family photographers in Storyteller Magazine and Color Shot Magazine. At this time, some of her work is currently under consideration for the Documentary Family Awards


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