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Canvases for the 2024 Community Mosaic Project Available Now! 

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HOW TO OBTAIN A CANVAS - Canvases can be picked up at the following locations: Hardy Gallery (Begining May 24), or at the Artists Guild LLC in Sturgeon Bay (Open Monday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm, Sunday 11 am - 4 pm, Closed Tuesdays). If you wish to contribute but can't make it to Door County the brand of canvas we use is Art Alternatives 6"x 6", 3/4"Profile. Mail canvases to the Hardy Gallery. P.O. Box 394, Ephraim, WI 54211. 

ABOUT THE PROJECT - The concept behind the Community Mosaic Project, which was first launched in 2008 and is now in its 17th year, was twofold:  To raise awareness of the visual arts by reaching out to the local community and encouraging participation from individuals of all ages and abilities, and to provide the Hardy with funds through the sale of miniature artworks. The Project is displayed during the months of July and August annually, in conjunction with the Collection Invitational exhibit, and consists, on average, of 300 6-inch by 6-inch works of art that collectively create a large-scale mosaic.

For the 2024 Project, the Hardy Gallery has once again teamed up with Sturgeon Bay's Artists Guild LLC to provide a free, 6-inch by 6-inch canvas for any individual who is interested in participating.  

There are no restrictions regarding subject matter or the kinds of materials one can use to create their own work of art, except that it must be appropriate for display at the gallery, created using the canvas supplied, and must not exceed the 6-inch by 6-inch dimension. In addition, participants must complete an Artist Statement Form that will accompany the finished work of art; both the Guidelines and Artist Statement Form will be distributed with your canvas. Canvases must be returned to any of the distribution dates on or before June 23, 2024, to any of the above locations.

Once all works are collected, they will be constructed into a colorful mosaic, which is scheduled to hang concurrently with the popular Collection Invitational Exhibition from July 12 - August 25, 2024. At the conclusion of the exhibit, the mosaic is deconstructed and the works of art are mailed directly to patrons who blind purchased a canvas. The public is invited to purchase a canvas throughout the duration of the exhibit. A simple donation of $35 will buy one 6-inch by 6-inch original artwork as well as cover the cost of shipping the work - a price that we hope is within everyone's means. The exciting part of this process is not knowing which canvas you will receive! All sales from the donated canvases will benefit the non-profit Hardy Gallery, a public charity.

Artists Guild ThumbnailIn advance, thank you to all our participants, volunteers, and patrons who will make the 2024 Project possible! We are especially grateful to the Artists Guild LLC who generously provided canvases free of charge to the community for this event. We encourage you to Thank this business in return for their generous support of our organization; please remember to make mention that you heard about them from the Hardy!

Would you like to learn more about our Project? Anyone interested in obtaining more information about our project or who is simply interested in enjoying some of the nearly 1,000 contributions from the Project's first two years is invited to purchase a copy of our book, The Community Mosaic Project: Complete Artworks 2008-2009.

To download an Artist Statement form click Here.

To download the Mosaic Guidelines click Here.


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