"Waiting For Sunset" 

2020 Raffle Hale Susan

"Waiting for Sunset" Original painting (11"x14") on view at the Hardy Gallery during the duration of the season. Tickets can be purchased at the Hardy Gallery or Edgewood Orchards Galleries. 

Drawing | September 14 at 1:00 pm

Raffle Premise 

For many people, the name "Hardy Gallery" conjures up images of the historic graffiti-covered warehouse situated on the shores of Ephraim's picturesque Eagle Harbor; for others, the name represents years of memories from visiting different exhibitions presented in the unique art gallery, while some are reminded of the warehouse's history. For all of these reasons, it is easy to see why The Hardy holds so much meaning for art collectors, Ephraim residents and visitors alike.

The concept for this fundraising raffle was conceived by the Hardy Gallery Board of Directors in the fall of 2012 with the above in mind. The goal remains to create interest in a product that directly taps into the emotional connection that exists between our place and our audience. Annually, The Hardy will commission a painting that exemplifies quality at the highest level - focused on our recognizable icon, the warehouse - in partnership with a well-recognized and respected Door County artist and his or her representing gallery. Interpretation is entirely up to the selected artist.

The raffle was structured to benefit all parties involved; the selected artist, who is commissioned and paid for the creation of the painting, the representing gallery who will handle the sale and the donor who will purchase the painting and donate to The Hardy. Since its inception, The Hardy has raised over $40,000 in funds that go towards sustaining our programming, including our seasonal exhibit schedule, Community Mosaic Project and our signature winter high school youth art education program, Exposure to Creativity (ETC). 

Thank you to Susan Hale, Edgewood Orchards Galleries and Stephen and Jessica Sauter for their continued support of the Francis Hardy Center for the Arts, Inc. (The Hardy Gallery) - A 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

Timeframe: Ticket sales will take place throughout the entire summer season, commencing in May to coincide with the opening of the Annual Juried Exhibit and run through the Hardy's closing in mid-September.

Ticket Sales: With our audience in mind, ticket prices have been set at $5 each or 5 for $20. The main ticket venue will be the Hardy Gallery with additional sales through the Art from the Heart partner, Friends of Gibraltar (FOG) through Edgewood Orchards Galleries, the board of directors, and volunteers of the organization.



Susan Hale  

I have always loved to draw and paint. Living in the Wisconsin countryside is a constant inspiration to me. It seems everywhere I look I see a painting - sunrises on Lake Michigan, golden hay bales scattered in a farm field, popcorn clouds dancing in a cerulean blue sky. Color and pattern are an important aspect of my work. I try to create on the canvas the energy and connection to nature I feel as I paint. Working in oil, I apply the paint thick and luscious, like frosting on a cake. "Let the paint talk", I often say.

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