Kevin Ladesic

Kevin T Ladesic

Phone: 847.372.9065
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Medium: Watercolor, Charcoal, Pencil
Gallery Representation: 

Kevin T. Ladesic D.D.S. 

He is affectionately known by patients as "Dr Lad", a nickname that came during his 8 years as a U.S. Navy dentist. Born in 1959 in Pittsburgh PA, he grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. His father and grandmother showed artistic talent, but he never truly pursued his interest in art until selling his La Crosse dental practice in 2011. After moving back to Illinois, he decided to pursue art classes full time at the College of Lake County (CLC).

Inspired by such local Door County artists as Charles Peterson, Fred Bridenhagan, Jack Anderson and Gerhard C.F. Miller, he has pursued watercolors as his primary medium.  Tutored by wonderful instructors at the community college such as Robert Lossman, Hans Herberger and Eric Rowe. Dr Lad considered how to combine his medical background with his newfound artistic interest.

He spent a year at UIC Chicago pursuing a master's degree in medical illustration but found that his true artistic passion was drawing and painting landscapes.

He has won several awards both as a student and a professional. He illustrated the book cover for author Len Tomaka. His work was selected for publication in the student magazine of CLC as well as student art competitions. He participated in the 59th and 60th Annual Juried Exhibit at Hardy Gallery and the Annual Art in the Garden Show, Oshkosh where he recently won the Bev McCarthy Memorial award.  

"At this point in my journey as an artist, I consider myself a studio painter. I prefer to paint from my own photographs. I find that capturing an outdoor scene from different and unusual perspectives or contrasting light and color values allows for more unique paintings.  

I find that capturing a moment in time with a photograph, then drawing or painting the world’s landscapes connects me and ultimately the viewer with the Creator and Sustainer of all that I see around me. My paintings, no matter how good they may become are just a poor reflection of that creation.”  



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