Anthony Beadell

Anthony Beadell

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Medium: Painting
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Anthony Beadell

At its height in the second century AD, the Roman Empire stretched from Britain in the North to Egypt in the South, from Spain in the West to Syria in the East. My paintings reflect upon the grandeur of the past. Fine art has been my passion since I was young. I admire many art styles but realism is my preference.   

I endeavor to transform my art by studying admired examples of what remains of classical painting, glass, sculpture, and architecture, and it is this interest that is reflected in many of my works. My fondness for painting revolves around my desire to create works that are provocative and eye-catching while at the same time displaying an awareness of classical tradition. Oil paint is the medium I use to create my art.  Painting in oils is a traditional form of art used by the Old Masters. It is the elegance, grace, and refinement of these artists that I hope to emulate. In the tradition of those artists, I use rich colors to recreate classic patterns, layering many thin layers so as to infuse the elements with depth and dimension.  It is my desire to generate an intimate connection between the painting and the viewer.


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